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Who can submit work?

The exhibition is open to Utah artists.


How many artworks can I submit?

Each artist may submit up to 2 works.


Is there a fee to submit artwork?

There is a $30 entrance fee. You are allowed up to two pieces per entry.


Best practices for submitting digital images of my artwork

Artwork that has the best chance of being accepted are pieces that have been photographed with the best possible lighting, resolution and represention of the completed piece, i.e. matted and framed.

How do the jurors review the work?

Juror(s) will review all submissions online. Jurying will be blind. Jurors are only notified of the title, dimensions, medium description, and special instructions for each work. Selections are made by artwork, not by artist.


Can I contact the jurors?

No. It is inappropriate for artists to contact jurors regarding selection choices before or after jury decisions have been made.


Are there size limitations?

No. There are no size limitations for submissions (within reason).


Are there medium restrictions?

No. All mediums will be accepted.


When will I be notified if my work is selected by the jurors for exhibition?

The jurors’ final selections will be completed by January 21, 2021. Selected artists will be notified no later than 5pm,  January 21, 2021.  


When do I deliver my work?

Selected pieces must be delivered on or before January 17, 2020. The final jury process will be completed by January 20, 2021.  Those pieces not selected for the final show can be picked up January 23, from 10am - 12pm in the RendeZoo Room, or you can call (801) 584-1716 to make other arrangements. Late artworks will not be included in the exhibition.


What do I need to bring when I deliver my work?

All materials necessary for the installation and display of the work must be delivered with the work. 2-D artwork must have a hanging wire.

The Zoo will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the installation of all works. In exceptional circumstances, staff will contact artists directly regarding the installation procedure for larger or complicated works.

A filled out w9 so that we are able to pay artists when pieces sell, blank forms will be provided in person during drop-off of art pieces at the RendeZoo Room if necessary.


When do I collect my work?

All artwork must be collect on February 20, 2021 between the hours of 10am – 12pm from the RendeZoo Room, or you can call (801) 584-1716 to make other arrangements.   The Zoo will make every reasonable effort to ensure all works are collected, but due to storage limitations, the Zoo will be unable to guarantee the storage of works after March 1, 2021.